House rules

House rules

Our house rules are based on our experience gained over the years.

  • Smoking is prohibited in our guesthouse, in all public and private spaces, and around the pool! Smoking is only allowed in the garden area and designated smoking areas. In case of smoking in a prohibited place, we charge a surcharge of €200, from which the costs of deodorization and extra cleaning are reimbursed.
  • It is possible to drink drinks at the terrace, for which you can use a glass, but it is strictly forbidden to take it into the rest of the garden, the pool or its surroundings!
  • We ask our dear guests to drink their drinks from the store or from home in their rooms, because we charge a table reservation fee for drinks brought from outside in the terrace and in the garden area. For a separate fee, we provide plates, cutlery and glasses if you want to eat your food brought from home in the garden, in a pleasant green environment.
  • In accordance with the needs of our guests, we do not accept pets! For the sake of the quietness of the area and the tranquility of the other guests, dogs are not allowed in the parked car or in the kennel!
  • One of the special features of our guesthouse is that it is located near the city center, yet it is surrounded by a quiet and peaceful environment. The majority of our guests choose us for this reason. Please respect this too! For the sake of the quiet of the area and the peace of the other guests, avoid talking loudly, do not listen to loud music, and do not conduct telephone conversations on the speakerphone! Do not drag your suitcases down the stairs, but lift them up and bring them down! In the parking lot at night, don't drag your suitcases, but lift them up, so you don't disturb the rest of the other guests.
  • Do not drag your suitcases with faulty wheels along the carpet, but lift them and move them to avoid damage! In this way, the cost of repairs can be avoided, which must be reimbursed by the person responsible for the damage.
  • The parking lot gate does not open when the horn is blown! Please go to the reception and let our colleague know that you would like to drive in or out.
  • Parents (or responsible persons) shall be responsible for the actions and behavior of their minor children.

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